Sunday, March 21, 2010

12 Random things about me

(01) While studying at vjti, I used to download movies on vjti's public servers from home and then take them home.

I used to help the professors manage some of the servers and i had full root access to them :) So, All i had to do was ssh to the machine remotely and start torrents and direct http downloads under rate/size limits(coz there was a system that monitored bandwidth)

(02) I easily get addicted(sort of) to food stuff:
Sugarcane Juice, Wada pavs, Milk drinks, Cashew nuts, Subs.... you name it

(03) I am an agnostic atheist and I am anti-religion.

I am an agnostic because I don't assert the non-existence of a God with 100% surety, but at the same time, practically speaking, I am an atheist because I reject the notion of the supernatural and a creator God with a very high surety level(but <100%).

(04) VJTI was the first place where I actually cheated in exams.

Used to cheat in my mid terms coz I was never prepared. Opening up text books to copy, copying from others' papers, etc. Don't remember cheating in the *real*(the main exams at the end of the term) ones though, but have helped people with answers.

(05) I am very bad with places and routes and directions

I find it difficult to visualize and remember routes and directions. Part of the problem could be genetic coz my bro shares the same problem.
Also, I never really understood why i was being made to study geography during school days, hated it and nobody corrected my impression(a wrong one) that it isn't essential. So, in general by spacial cognition sucks because I also find it difficult to imagine certain things and need to write/draw them to make sense.

(06) I am shit scared of public speaking

Always been scared of it, still am. Just before i am about to speak, it starts with the loud heart beats, as if its gonna beat its way out of my ribs. Then, a while after the initial start, my throat and lips go dry. In rare cases, my cheek muscles twitch involuntarily in weird ways. eye contact was tough earlier, but now a days i kinda manage(like a sprinkler :) ). and then rarely, i go *completely blank*[ i have no clue what to say next] for a few seconds.

(07) I used to shamelessly copy assignments while @ VJTI.

Once, I remember copying the roll number and the name of the person who gave me his assignment to copy :D

(08) I was afraid of dogs and insects till abt 2 years ago, now not as much.

Now i love killing roaches and barking back at dogs :)

(09) I cant talk comfortably on the phone

I find it awkward to talk on the phone with strangers and with people i am not close to or ppl with whom i haven't talked to in a while or people i don't like talking to. I hate the awkward i-'ve-got-nothing-to-say pauses, exchanging pleasantries,etc. I hate the way the ears get warmed up while talking on a cellphone.

(10) I find it difficult to talk to chicks[comfortably], particularly when i find them attractive.

Junior college and early engg colg days, i had to consciously make sure i don't look at their boobs at regular intervals. lips and the forehead are weird places to stare at, so now I'm trying to aim for the eyes and am getting good at it.

(11) I've never had a close female friend in my whole life(except may be one)

(12) I harbor this feeling(like every other guy?) that i am never gonna find a women i like and hardly any women is ever gonna like/understand me.


FrostBite said...

Getting to know u better.......keep writing dude!

jc said...

Its been a long time since I commented here, but couldnt miss this... (some in particular)

(01) Awesome man, I'm learning stuff now that you already knew 4 years ago.

(05) Me too, but getting better at it.

(06) I was, but better now. Just think, what's the worst that could happen?

(07) Lol...

(10) All of us.

(12) Calculate it. Even if you select really bad odds, I'm sure there'll be plenty to choose from.

Harshad Telang said...

Are you sure about [8]?
I remember you being quite friendly with the stray dogs in VJTI quad.

letronje said...

@Harshad: I love the cute, friendly ones. I was(still am, a lil) afraid of the aggressive ones that bark and follow u or ur bike/car for no apparent reason. I was attacked by a gang of ~10 once in pune, somehow managed to scare them off. Stopped traveling to mumbai early morning(5am) after that. Now, if i am in the mood, I bark back at them .... or ignore them completely .... or the last resort is ofcourse ... run/bike like hell :)

Nikhil said...

I can relate to (03), (05), (06), (09), (10), (11). :-) Nice Post.

Aniruddha said...

Nice post :) One piece of advice when it comes to dogs - DON'T RUN :D